Dean of Peace

Dean of Peace

Dean of Peace

Attention Professionals:

Our Life Without Anger Program is being used very successfully in mental health and rehabilitation programs.

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Eliminate Anger &
Create More Personal Peace.

You Deserve It!

Dean of Peace

Fully Eliminate Anger from Your Life!


Live Life Fully in Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness!

The elimination of personal anger results in personal peace.
Lifestyles of personal peace will result in world peace.

~Dean Van Leuven, "The Dean of Peace"

People who live happy , loving and peaceful lives aren't just lucky. They have learned and implemented as a way of life what Dr. Dean Van Leuven - The Dean of Peace - has been teaching for years. As a psychologist and later in life as an attorney who witnessed extreme anger, it was obvious to him that emotional responses based on anger were not effective in solving problems. After years of research, study and teaching classes he authored the prestigious Visionary Award winning book, Life Without Anger, in 2004. The Dean of Peace also offers several other books and seminars:

Books - Seminars - Workshops:

Anger Elimination - Completely, Fully, Forever!!
Life Without Anger

Enrich your relationships!
Relationships Without Anger

Experience love-based relationships with your children!
Parenting Without Anger

Love Going to Work!
Workplace Without Anger

The Dean's newest book, A Peaceful New World, releasing in July 2005, offers building blocks to create deeper and more fulfilling personal peace. As we experience personal peace we automatically become ambassadors and builders of world peace for our children and grandchildren.
Dean of Peace